Zircon And Other Military Toys.

Bradleys most likely to Ukraine, Gorshkov mosts likely to sea.
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15 thoughts on “Zircon And Other Military Toys.”

  1. When I look at Russian foreign policy over the last 20 years, I interpret Putin’s actions as filing away the rough edges left by the collapse of the Soviet Union.
    That is correct. It creates stability and security.
    That’s all I see in Ukraine. The territorial claims are limited, the military operations are still focused on that.

    The West is either misinterpreting that or it is going to war because it knows that it is losing its edge. Both harbor the great danger of defeat.
    For the Russians it is advantageous if the West supports Ukraine with homeopathic doses.

    I am somewhat divided on this. On the one hand, I see the legitimacy of Russia’s claims and the goal would in itself be good for Europe. On the other hand, our politicians are doing everything to turn it into a pot of shit. I wouldn’t mind that in and of itself, financial capitalism isn’t that great. It has only one disadvantage, it will complicate my life unnecessarily. I can bear pain, but I still don’t like it. And yes, I feel sorry for the plants and animals. They can’t help it. I have much less pity for people. In a democracy, no one is innocent, even if the means and possibilities are limited.
    Stupidity has been spreading for a long time and it would have been possible for everyone to raise their voice against it at any time. But people preferred to indulge in panem, vinum et circensis.

    Well, maybe everything has to be like that. The gods take pleasure in punishing stupidity and they always do it when it hurts the most.

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