Why Are So Many Adults Buying Toys?

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14 thoughts on “Why Are So Many Adults Buying Toys?”

  1. Honestly I think a lot of people buy dolls and toy they never got as a kid. (from my generation) So many people have bad and irresponsible who have way too many kid then they can afford. Plus a lot of people come from poor immigrant family or poor family (which lack money and education to understand the term birth control) so we suffer so much as a kid. I know growing up my parent was so broke I would have to share a 25 cent bag of chip with all 5 of my sibling every single time. It create so much hatard and resentment of my parent and my sibling. As soon as I was making money I was buying everything I could never have especially dolls. I have always loves doll as a kid and it never went away. I do agree it not 100% just being poor and never getting toy. I just really love dolls growing up and I still do. I love playing with them creating my own story. Thanks for the video, this is a subject we really should talk more about and stop judging people for buyin and doing whatever make them happy.

  2. I thankfully have encountered a lot of open minded people when buying toys. Many are happy for me when I’m able to get a doll or action figure I want while others are like “I’m glad you were able to find it.” when I finally locate one I’m looking for (like the specific G3 MH dolls I want and that time I was able to find a smaller like action figure of Dr Fate from the Black Adam movie because of course my fav had to be the one that’s hard to find, gave me flashbacks to trying to find a Winter Soldier action figure after CAWS came out) and than there’s those who wish me luck if I’m trying to find a certain one like I was with those MH Reel Drama and Creeproduction dolls which obviously no I couldn’t find.

  3. This is a great video and the topic itself has so many angles you could approach it from. I could write a 10-page essay on this shit in a whip if I just took the Adderall for it. I wonder if you’d ever make a sequel/related video on this topic in the future…? Because there’s so many ways to revisit it and I’m sure reading the comments there are many other perfectly trains of thought to consider. Because again, everyone really does have their own reasons! Toy collectors are a diverse and eclectic group and there are so many mutual interests people share.

    But yeah, crazy article from NBC. I have to say, it sticks with me the way they talk about “kidults” (inherently an insult, no? nobody I know identifies as a kidult; I’m pretty sure it’s a name made up by conservatives) like an unrelated group of people to the readers of the article. Liiiiike, NBC, if adults account for all of these toy sales, don’t you think some of them are gonna read this article? Who do you think your normal audience is, children?

    Can you imagine a child holding their stuffed animals and popping a monocle as they read about all these adults buying toys?

  4. When I was very small, my grandma made dolls. The porcelain kind that were super expensive and fancy. When we would visit I would go around her house to see as many as I could. After that my dolls just became whatever I needed them to be. Customizing, dressing, hair styling and displaying them are all things I still love doing. Their cute lil faces remind me that I can do so much

  5. I loooveee your hoodie, where did you get it? 😊

    Also I buy dolls that I like and I buy them because I love fashion, I always loved dolls and because I’m from Poland and being a boy child there boys playing with dolls is a no no …. Sooo now I have a job my own place and I do whatever I want 😁 So in a way I am fixing my childhood “trauma” or whatever…. But mostly I just love pretty things around me 😅

  6. I’m more of a plushie collector than a doll collector (though I have a few dolls and do like them) and tbh while yeah I’m certain given my own life theres some psychological aspect to why I collect plushies I also just. Like them. I like finding pretty ones and displaying them or even rare ones. Same with my pokemon cards! Just makes me happy!

  7. that critique of linking consumerism to healing trauma is incredibly insightful and something we should all keep in mind. frankly i think its one i needed to hear. i do feel like im making my inner child happy by buying things i couldnt when i was a kid. even though i still live at home which really, really sucks i do at least have enough income that i can buy alt fashion, anime figures, and dolls now. feels like im contributing in a positive way towards myself by indulging my interests and going “neat!” when i look at my full shelves. but that is in no way a replacement for the deeper work im doing and will need to do once my situation stabilizes.

    also yeah. the term kidult is absolutely horrible. its so infantilizing. like, were not kids just because we happen to collect things typically aimed at that demographic.

  8. And the thing is too that “toys are just for kids!!” is a conversation that starts so early, I remember being 10 and being told I was too old for the toys that were made for me by other children… It was a passion that never truly went away, but I did feel discouraged from collecting for a long time! I longed to collect monster high and bratz when I was a teen however I felt like I couldn’t anymore, but now? I’m buying all the dolls I really like! 🥰💕 I sometimes think about how strange it is that adults will tell kids they’re too old for toys, and how that then spreads through schools because it’s learned from their trusted adults: that you can’t love these things that make you happy if you want to be seen as a grow up some day.

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