Trip to The Thrift – Vintage Toys & Jerseys Fresh off the Rack


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12 thoughts on “Trip to The Thrift – Vintage Toys & Jerseys Fresh off the Rack”

  1. Yes we also had our regional University t-shirts,hoods, track pants, shorts, bags, caps, diaries, Parker 🖊 USP logo on it pencil cases the lot back in 90s sold in our University Book Centre.

    Meself and other fellow graduates we bought all using our book allowances after buying all units texts books and other schools stationeries. Meself gave meself University t-shirts to siblings late parents to wear them and some given to cousins.

    Like every semester we had around $350 book allowance using our student ID card only. So whenever want to buy something from University Book Centre. Just enter used our USP student ID cards.

    For 3 years $2100 book allowance using University Student ID card. Meself didn’t use all meself book allowances every semester always balances left.

  2. Yet you never see any of our regional University of South Pacific merchandises sold again in any shops here Fiji Islands whether preloved shops or any shops. Simply because it finishes at the University Book centre and most students keep wearing it until it is old never donated again or resold.

    Like there USA you got hundreds of Universities Colleges for centuries. Most donate and resell their University merchandises again. So it is seen existing every decade.

    Meself even had the Michigan University American football 🏈 merchandises bought from preloved shop here Fiji Islands. Other Universities of many countries as well resold here in Fiji Islands.

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