Toy Hunt Vlog • Insane 3rd Fig Hunt at Cojo’s Toy World • Ethan Page & Danhausen .com/watch?v=jwNnuji-KiQ

Toy Hunt Vlog again!an  Insane 3rd Fig Hunt at Cojo’s Toy World in New Bedford, MA with “All Ego” Ethan Page & Danhausen … with a MASSIVE meet & greet … that concludes with a COSTUME CONTEST & a huge haul of toys! Get WhatNot here: Enjoy $10 off your first auction on me! So many amazing fans & so many epic moments! Can’t wait for fans to meet KENPO JOE … So many epic retro toy commercials & epic finds, as always at Cojo’s Toy Word! #EthanPage #Danhausen #ToyHunt #ToyVlog #ToyStore #CojosToyWorld #toyhunting #retrotoys #vintagetoys #vintagetoyshop This is one of the most beautifully filmed & documented toy hunt vlogs of all time! All thanks to DEATH PARK ( IG: @nkbdpt ) for filming the entire event! For Business Inquiries Contact Me At: [email protected] Ethan’s PO Box 1150 Atlantic St #590 Milford, MI, USA 48381 Let’s Connect! Twitter – @officialEgo Instagram – @official_ego Toy Photography IG: @PosedByPage For Booking info contact: [email protected] Official V-Log Merch: AEW All Ego T-Shirts:

15 thoughts on “Toy Hunt Vlog • Insane 3rd Fig Hunt at Cojo’s Toy World • Ethan Page & Danhausen”

  1. I’m only halfway through the VLog but I GOTTA shout-out the Eddie cosplayer! They KILLED IT, partna’!

    Separately, idk how long you’ve been doing these vlogs, but I just discovered them this year and I want to say thank you for so much love, joy and positivity on a weekly basis, Julian. Wishing you and your family and all the Egomaniacs a happy holidays and an even better 2023! ❤️

    Edit- liking for Desert Storm

    Edit 2- SHE WON! Yaaaaaaaaaaaas!

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