This disturbing Christmas toy spied on 6M kids, and it’s not the only one. .com/watch?v=bVLZtNTUisk

Christmas is right around the corner and parents are looking for the perfect gift for their children. There’s an endless supply to choose from, but high tech toys are all the rage. But this holiday season, you’ll want to take a second look, it appears not all toys are safe for play. Which toys should be on your “do not buy” list this Christmas? Sources: [Media]

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16 thoughts on “This disturbing Christmas toy spied on 6M kids, and it’s not the only one.”

  1. 1:14 whoever this is, they are not a hacker they are a legend lol Edit: i remember when people played DOOM on graphic calculators. 3:51 same with these people, they are just super smart and want to have fun with something other than a computer, they can also learn new programming stuff, its like the text instruments calculators, people code basic programs/games for fun. I think these would be better though since they have a bigger display. These people are just silly nerds who want to have some fun with it. But some hackers with bad intentions will get their hands on programs and learn to code malicious stuff. Thankfully calculators don’t connect to the internet.

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