The Decline of Toys R Us …What Happened? RESPONSE|WORKPLACE CHAPS RESPOND!!


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15 thoughts on “The Decline of Toys R Us …What Happened? RESPONSE|WORKPLACE CHAPS RESPOND!!”

  1. this video explained nothing. first of all, it was all speculation, which any dummy with a mic can make, making it hardly credible. and second, he barely did any research or analysis, just reading a couple news articles and saying they’re in debt. well duh, why else would you file for bankruptcy. would’ve been more interesting to see a more comprehensive analysis from a more credible source

  2. There’s a Toys R Us here (Ontario) and it seems very very outdated. Like it hasn’t had a refurb or company change up since the 80’s. Half the store is pink and dolls and the other half is blue with dinosaurs and cars. I mean like, it’s 2023, remember those amazing Christmas movies you used to watch as a kid, with all the decorations and the toy train sets and the RC cars and the just the magic and amazement, well, Toys R Us doesn’t have that at all, and it should. It’s boring even around Christmas.

    He said at the end “create a fun environment for kids” they haven’t done that.

  3. Yup, technology is the culprit. But even back in the 1980’s at the malls, I usually just passed by ToysRUs (I visited inside maybe a couple times in 10 years) & the reason was that I was already a teenager, so toys was not much of a thing to me anymore. So, that’s another reason, that the store sells a niche product, i.e. toys. Even despite selling some furniture & some clothes, it’s still mostly toys. So, unless they start selling a lot more of other stuff, then they will only attract a small percentage of customers. For me to come in, they would need to sell electronics & groceries, maybe even some fast food … all at a good cost. But guess what, other stores already do that, so it would be difficult for them to venture out & compete in those markets. When you can do different things, that could be one factor that can help because more diversity of product can bring in more diversity of customers. The Blokes are reacting to many different subject matter, rather than sticking to one thing, say only standup comedian reactions for example, & thus that itself is making this channel successful due to more exposure via YT algorithms.
    But of course, with Toys R Us, that leveraged buyout really did magnify their debt. While this store has some good memories for me (from my youth), I have really no emotional attachment to them. The one store that I do miss more, especially in their heydays in the 1980’s, would be Radio Shack. I still have plenty of electronics parts, tools & devices that I bought from them over the years/decades, from the early 1980’s all the way to their liquidation in spring 2017.

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