The BEST SELLING toys for Christmas every year .com/watch?v=d5ibrH8vAP4

And if you forgot which years were which, Dan has some handy Rush album release dates for context! Click to SUBSCRIBE ► MERCH!! ► Our email list! ► ********************************************* We have NEW MERCH every FRIDAY! Visit our WEBSITE every FRIDAY to check out the NEW items! ►►► ********************************************* FACEBOOK ► TWITTER ► INSTAGRAM ► WEBSITE ► ********************************************* Game Grumps are: Arin ► Danny ► #TheGrumps #ChristmasToys #DissectMeElmo

15 thoughts on “The BEST SELLING toys for Christmas every year”

  1. I love the deep lore reveal with Arin’s name. I feel like the obvious route with anything Teddy Ruxpin-related is to just make creepypasta-style jokes, so it was refreshing to hear them just talk about how they liked it. Very nice.

    Also, I like the dot matrix Gameboys…I had a GB Pocket that I had such fun with. Although whenever I think of the “Dot Matrix with Stereo Sound” label on the original Gameboy, I think of the joke in WarioWare that says “Do Not Matrix with Stereo.”

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