Star Wars Toys Worth Millions $$$ Dumped in a Landfill? .com/watch?v=9TKmrMu93tw

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14 thoughts on “Star Wars Toys Worth Millions $$$ Dumped in a Landfill?”

  1. What is it that makes people dumb down museums? My local one is undergoing ‘modernisation’ work. The two items at the top of the list of ‘improvements’, are a coffee shop, which replaces a comprehensive, and popular gallery about wartime Ipswich, and the other important thing is an enlarged giftshop. I’ve seen pictures of what they intend doing, and it looks like a Fisher-Price ‘My First Museum’.
    Thanks for the great video, and for also saving me a trip to the V&A Bethnal Green. It looks very dull indeed, now. I went years ago, and it was wonderful. I’ll give it a swerve, now.

  2. Wow that’s one I’ve never heard and I have heard a lot. I’ve heard of a warehouse somewhere on the west that houses Hasbro’s “final waves” that got into production but the lines shut down before they could reach retail. Supposedly, the droids A-Wing was repackaged from this warehouse and supposedly thousands of GI Joe Ninja Commandos are there too, I think it was either a new version of Quick Kick or Budo was made into Shang Tsung for Mortal Kombat line a year or so after the Joe line shut down etc.

    These urban legends are fun, but I tend to take them with a grain of salt at the same time.

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