Sonic Merch Hunt – Ultimate Christmas Haul (Toys, Plushes, Playsets & More!) .com/watch?v=QqeSCeu8WFY

In the latest episode of Sonic Merch Hunt, it’s Christmas time! We head out to a variety of stores such as Target, Walmart, GameStop & many more looking for every piece of Sonic The Hedgehog merchandise they have. Not just that, but we give away a variety of toys for the holiday season! Will this be a Christmas miracle or will we walk away with a stocking full of coal Find out in the Sonic Merch Hunt Christmas Special! SpeedSuperSonic is a YouTube Channel centered around all things Sonic The Hedgehog. I talk about all the upcoming projects for Sonic; like upcoming games such as Sonic Frontiers, TV Shows like Sonic Prime on Netflix & Sonic The Hedgehog movies like Sonic Movie 3 from Paramount coming in 2024. Not just that but we do video essays on different parts of the Sonic franchise like history, lore, characters & more! Not just that, but we host the fan-favorite series Sonic Merch Hunt. For all this and more, SpeedSuperSonic is the BEST channel on YouTube for all Sonic fans around the world. Subscribe To Pop Screen: ————————SOCIAL MEDIA ———————— TikTok: Twitter: Instagram: Business Inquiries: [email protected] Hashtags: #Sonic #Sonic2022 #SonicPrime

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