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Download Dragon City for free via this link, become a Dragon Master and claim a Starter Pack of 15,000 Food, 30,000 Gold and the RARE Xmas Elf Dragon: . Thank you Dragon City for sponsoring today’s video! This week, I am making Fidget Toys out of Funko FNAF plushies! Don’t forget to SUBSCRIBE: ► I went to Five Below and found some cheap things to customize & paint on, specifically fidget toys and fidgets and Funko FNAF plushies! I like customizing things and turning them creepy-cute, it’s kind of my thing. In fact I have quite a few series where I do some cheap diys that end up looking pretty chaotic. Other makeover series that I do include anything & everything with Squishmallows, Five Below makeovers, Painting on Fidget Toys, Needle Felting, etc. I hope you like what I made! 👉 Check out my MERCH: 👉 Check out NerdECrafter’s channel for more fidget toy madness: Other Makeover Series: ►Squishmallows: ►Five Below: ►Fidget Toys: ►Needle Felting: NEW VIDEOS EVERY FRIDAY! 👉 FOLLOW MY INSTA & CHECK OUT MY NEW MERCH ➽ Instagram – ➽ Merch –

19 thoughts on “Painting Fidget Toys from FIVE BELOW!”

  1. You’re killing me smalls lol. You seriously have frickin genius ideas. Genuinely I absolutely think you are onto something frickin amazing with these. It’s just…..your execution hurts and pains my soul. Do you know how exceptionally awesome these would be if you just neatened them up a bit more? I know you’re gonna say no but I’m saying it anyways, needle and thread lol. You don’t have to actually get a sewing machine and be all super professional but a simple needle and thread would work perfectly and take these to a whole new level of yeah that’s bad ass. Sewing sucks….with a machine that is lol. I’m not into it either, it’s just not my jam but a simple needle and thread for a few stitches here and there I think I could handle and I think you could as well. Please please please just humor us and do a couple with needle and thread? Just to ya know….scratch our itch of curiosity????

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