GODZILLA vs DINOSAURS Spinning Wheel Slime Game w/ Destroyah, LEGO DINOS + Godzilla Figures

Which Godzilla, Titan or Dinosaur will have the sludge? See if you can be a victor by presuming appropriately. Included in this video clip is Destroyah, Burning Godzilla, Godzilla collectible numbers and also LEGO dinosaurs. A couple of shocks in the video clip with some unusual dinosaurs and also Godzilla numbers. Thank you for seeing and also bear in mind do not be a bully. Also, consisted of is follower art mail!!!

#godzilla #destroyah #dinosaur.

Chapters of this Video:.
03:29Black Indominus Rex
05:06 Godzilla King of theMonsters
06:47Yellow Allosaurus Dinosaur
08:39King Ghidorah
12:16Red Triceratops
14:17Green Baryonx Dinosaur
20:08Carnotaurus Lego Dinosaur
22:29Fan Art Mail
35:28 Don’t Be a Bully!

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