Christmas Toys Adventure – How To Train Your Dinosaur To Eat Healthy With Evan Storm .com/watch?v=7F0ae0JZbKs

We were given these free toys, Dino Valley and Soldier Force playsets. It’s Christmas Eve! Evan and Emily left Santa some cookies and milk and then they went to bed. Later on that night Santa dropped some presents down the chimney. Then the tree starts to shake and the gifts start to rumble. What is it? It’s dinosaurs coming alive. They break out of their boxes and begin to eat all of the candy in the house. Can Evan and EMily stop them before they get sick? Soldier Force to the rescue! You can find Chap Mei toys in the following stores. Dollar Tree, Dollar General, Big Lots, Family Dollar and H-E-B ✔ SUBSCRIBE Today Evan Storm!! YouTube nfirmation=1 ⚡Instagram: ⚡Facebook: #evanstorm #chapmei #christmastoys Website: #evanstorm #chapmei #pretendplay

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